Finally Taking My Older Sister for a Ride…

I have just begun my blog.  I’m calling it “My Older Sister.”  It’s on .

I have been wanting to start my own “stand alone” blog for quite some time… but have not felt I could find the skills in my aging brain to make it happen.  Finally, today, I have just jumped in… and am going to try to “learn to swim.”  Glub, glub.

I have no idea what I am doing… so I am flailing around… bumping into things… trying to figure out what to do next.

I guess my biggest fear in writing this, and then pressing or clicking on some of these silly buttons on this blog dashboard where I actually write these posts… these “entries”… is not a fear of making some sort of writing mistake… but a fear of typing a long post… and then clicking on something I don’t know enough about… and having the whole thing disappear.  It happens, I am sure.  But… here goes !


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