I Always Wanted an Older Sister…

All my life I’ve wanted an older sister.  I’ve never had one.  I’ve found that not having an older sister… would become a pretty big piece of emptiness in my life.

So… somewhere along the way… I decided that the only way I would ever have an older sister… was to become my own older sister.  So… nice Catholic girl that I am… I gave birth to myself… and have become… My own Older Sister.

I don’t know why I haven’t actually named her yet. I guess just being able to call her “Sis” was enough. Perhaps you have an older sister yourself, so you know how great it feels.  Or… perhaps you don’t have one, and wish you did.

I dunno.  But I have become quite fortunate.   As I said above… I now am… My own Older Sister.


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