Sink or Swim… With Mollie T

There are so many times… in daily life, in real estate… or in other areas of our lives… that the time comes when we finally just have to grab the old “bull by the horns.”

Let’s see.  What else can we call it ? Do the right thing ?  Take command ?  Shove it out on the lake and see if it floats ?  Run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes ?

Well… when I got home from Kroger today… buying cat food and other necessities… there she was.  Miss Mollie T.

Mollie told me how she had spent the morning, and the first half of the afternoon (between naps, of course) watching the cable news shows.  She watched CNN.  She watched MSNBC.  She watched Headline News.  She even watched Fox News.  (Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty !)

All they had, she complained, was news and pictures of the horrible Gulf Oil spill. The stories were all about how BP, the government, President Obama, and various citizens groups and environmentalist groups… all flailing around… did not quite know what to do next.

Well… Mollie T Cat wants an answer. And Mollie wants it now !

Mollie T says it is time to… as she puts it… only using “initials” rather than words… cuz she’s such a “proper” little girl… Mollie T says it is time to SOGOTP.

In other words… Mollie T says it’ time to “Sink or Swim !”


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