Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid !

Ahh… Miss  Mollie T is at it again.  My wonderful guard cat… simply worn out from working the entire night… keeping all the elephants away from our cozy home.

I am not sure if she is just close to dozing off to sleep, here, or if she is all drowsy from barely starting her waking-up process.

There is, of course, another possibility.  Mollie T wants me to “think” she is sleeping, but she is actually “watching” me.  You see… just before she went off to kitty-cat dream land… she came over to me to have a little “kitty cat chat.”

It seems that I had done the unforgivable… or at least close to it.  Miss Mollie T, of course, lives the life of luxury.  Those of you who are “in the know” are aware that just as dogs have owners, cats… have “staff.”

I am Mollie’s “staff.”  So what did I do that was so “un-staff-like ?”  I allowed the bottom of her food dish… to become “visible.”  Ya see… it’s not enough to simply have food to eat.  Mollie’s food… must be of sufficient quantity that not even one little square centimeter of the bottom of the bowl is visible.

So… she is watching… ever so vigilant, and ever so sneaky about it… to see if I will eventually get my poor old body up… waddle over to the bag of kitty food under the sink… and transfer sufficient quantities of food back into her dish… to cover that itty, bitty square centimeter of the bottom of the bowl that is visible.

Oh… the life poor Miss Mollie T is forced to live.


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