What Do You Do… When Somebody “Gets Your Goat ?”

Serious question here.  When somebody “gets your goat…” what do you do ?  Do you go out and buy another goat, or do you just remain “goat’less ?”

I remember once… quite a while ago, when somebody really got my goat.  I was ticked.  And it wasn’t the first time they had “gotten my goat.”

So I thought… that’s not gonna happen again.  I am NOT gonna have you get MY goat… and then be “goat’less” again.  So, I went out and bought TWO goats… so I’d have a spare for the next time my “goat got gotten.”

Well… ya gotta know what happened.  We split up.  No more of any of that “gettin’ my goat” stuff.  But… since I now had TWO goats… just in case… I thought… “what the heck am I gonna do with this extra goat ?”

And then, wouldn’t ya know it… my two goats got “romantic” on me.  Yeah… they “did it.”  They had a kid.  So then I had THREE goats.  Well, technically, I had two goats… a mom goat and a dad goat… and one kid.  What a deal !

But… I guess it’s just all a part of living in this frustrating world… and having my goat get gotten… one too many times.  Arrrggghhh !


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