Pretty Blue Flower… or Is It a Weed ?

Sometimes when we search for happiness… we so often think we need to travel all over the world to find it.  Perhaps… just perhaps… happiness may not be found by “seeing new places” but by seeing “with different eyes.”

This flower, for example.  Is it a pretty blue flower ?  When seen in this light, it sure seems to be.

For some others who see it “in a different light”… it may simply be a dandelion.  It’s the same thing each time.  It’s the same image… just accompanied by a different thought.

It is quite a powerful talent to have… to be able to look at things through a different light, or with different eyes.

A powerful talent, indeed.  But it’s one we all can have… if only we look deeply enough inside ourselves… and in just the right places.

“When you change the way you look at things… the things you look at… change.”


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