Ten Year Old Female says… “Can’t You See I’m In the Shower ?

OK… what’s the problem here ? Can’t a girl get any privacy ?

I feel so “violated.”

Here’s the story, folks. My Mom and I are moving tomorrow. As some of you know, our two bedroom apartment was flooded last January 10, 2010. All that water came in through the ceiling at 3:30AM when the pipes from the fire-sprinkler system froze and burst.

Water everywhere.

So… over the last seven months… (yeah… that long !) we have been living in a ONE bedroom apartment. Actually we’ve been squeezed into that one bedroom apartment for seven months and 21 days.

So yesterday… in preparation for moving, Mom took down the shower curtain in the one bedroom, and moved it ten doors down the hall to our “old apartment”… which I guess is or will be our “new, old apartment.”

But… those of you have read Mom’s blog posts regularly know that I, Mom’s kittie, Mollie T Cat, love to take showers. Usually I just sit in the kitchen sink and put my head under the dripping water that my lovely and talented, and oh, so gracious Mom runs… just for me.

[Sorry about all that baloney in the last sentence about Mom, but I gotta stay on her good side, and all that nonsense helps. She just eats that stuff up.]

Anyway… the movers are coming tomorrow. All these blasted boxes from the two bedroom… shoe-horned into this one bedroom… will be moved tomorrow.

All of these boxes have been fun for me to climb around it, and hide in, but they sure do make Mom more that a little nutz. And heck, you and I both know she’s on the edge to begin with.

So… here I am… sitting in the tubbie… underneath the shower… waitin’ for Mom to turn on the water so I can take a shower… and… She Won’t Do It !

What’s a showering kittie like me supposed to do ?


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