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Ten Year Old Female says… “Can’t You See I’m In the Shower ?

OK… what’s the problem here ? Can’t a girl get any privacy ?

I feel so “violated.”

Here’s the story, folks. My Mom and I are moving tomorrow. As some of you know, our two bedroom apartment was flooded last January 10, 2010. All that water came in through the ceiling at 3:30AM when the pipes from the fire-sprinkler system froze and burst.

Water everywhere.

So… over the last seven months… (yeah… that long !) we have been living in a ONE bedroom apartment. Actually we’ve been squeezed into that one bedroom apartment for seven months and 21 days.

So yesterday… in preparation for moving, Mom took down the shower curtain in the one bedroom, and moved it ten doors down the hall to our “old apartment”… which I guess is or will be our “new, old apartment.”

But… those of you have read Mom’s blog posts regularly know that I, Mom’s kittie, Mollie T Cat, love to take showers. Usually I just sit in the kitchen sink and put my head under the dripping water that my lovely and talented, and oh, so gracious Mom runs… just for me.

[Sorry about all that baloney in the last sentence about Mom, but I gotta stay on her good side, and all that nonsense helps. She just eats that stuff up.]

Anyway… the movers are coming tomorrow. All these blasted boxes from the two bedroom… shoe-horned into this one bedroom… will be moved tomorrow.

All of these boxes have been fun for me to climb around it, and hide in, but they sure do make Mom more that a little nutz. And heck, you and I both know she’s on the edge to begin with.

So… here I am… sitting in the tubbie… underneath the shower… waitin’ for Mom to turn on the water so I can take a shower… and… She Won’t Do It !

What’s a showering kittie like me supposed to do ?


I’m Gonna Have a Baby Sister…

One of the things I shared in a previous post… was how I never had an “Older Sister.”  And… myself being the oldest… as I was growing up, I always wished I had an “older sister.”  So since I didn’t, I decided to “become” my own older sister.

Lately… I have been thinking about adding another member to the family.  I actually DO have a daughter.  She’s thirty-eight.  But, I never see her.  Well, almost never.  And when I do… it is only because I “push” the issue… if that makes sense.

One of the “empty’nesses” in my life right now… is not having anyone to spoil.  I think some of the happy’est times in my life were ones where I had both someone to love, and was able to spoil them.

An additional thought along parallel lines… is something that some therapists occasionally suggest… when the person they are counseling is somehow unable to “take care of themselves.”

Now… I don’t mean that they don’t REALLY take care of themselves… perhaps a better way to put it would be that they have lost the ability to actually “care” for themselves.

Once in a while when this happens, the therapist makes the suggestion to go out and buy… or better yet… “adopt” a doll… a “baby”… a “smaller helpless self…” to take care of… and while doing it… learn to “take care of themselves…” learn to “love” themselves.  Somehow, some way… I have lost the ability, or just the habit… of really, truly loving myself.

So… searching I went.  I have been looking for quite a while.  Where could I find a “baby girl doll” to invest myself in… to see, and to hold, as if I am actually seeing and holding myself?  Obviously, just any old baby girl doll would not do.  And then… I stumbled upon…

… this beautiful precious baby girl.  It is incredible what you can find on the “Interweb” if you look long enough.

I am thinking of naming her Jennifer.  I have always liked the name Jennifer, and even have a very good friend I made about ten years ago… who is named Jennifer.

I know.  Right about now you are probably thinking that I need to be fitted for one of those “white jackets” with the arms that tie behind me, and be given a new place to say… one that’s about ten by ten… with padded walls.

But… I don’t know.  Is it really all that crazy of an idea ?  Or could it be just a “unique” way for me to visualize, or perhaps “actualize” an infant who can be both my own younger sister, and my own infant self.  Someone to take care of… someone to spoil.

So… how silly is it ?  Am I too old to have a baby ?  In some ways, most assuredly so, but perhaps in another, very unique way… maybe it isn’t so strange after all.  I already have the rocking chair.  Not quite sure about the breast-feeding part yet.  That may take a bit more “doing.”

Sink or Swim… With Mollie T

There are so many times… in daily life, in real estate… or in other areas of our lives… that the time comes when we finally just have to grab the old “bull by the horns.”

Let’s see.  What else can we call it ? Do the right thing ?  Take command ?  Shove it out on the lake and see if it floats ?  Run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes ?

Well… when I got home from Kroger today… buying cat food and other necessities… there she was.  Miss Mollie T.

Mollie told me how she had spent the morning, and the first half of the afternoon (between naps, of course) watching the cable news shows.  She watched CNN.  She watched MSNBC.  She watched Headline News.  She even watched Fox News.  (Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty !)

All they had, she complained, was news and pictures of the horrible Gulf Oil spill. The stories were all about how BP, the government, President Obama, and various citizens groups and environmentalist groups… all flailing around… did not quite know what to do next.

Well… Mollie T Cat wants an answer. And Mollie wants it now !

Mollie T says it is time to… as she puts it… only using “initials” rather than words… cuz she’s such a “proper” little girl… Mollie T says it is time to SOGOTP.

In other words… Mollie T says it’ time to “Sink or Swim !”

June 6… and Memories of My Dad

It’s funny how things happen.  And when.

For much of last night, and much of this morning, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about my Dad.

I found myself on YOU TUBE… listening to some of the songs that were popular in the 1940’s… when my Dad was in his early 20’s and my mom was two years younger than that.

There were so many songs there… songs that surrounded Dad and Mom… way  back then.

I was mostly listening to songs from WW2.  My Dad was “over there” when I was born early in 1944. I have a letter that my Mom send my Dad… showing him a picture of her holding lil ol’ me… newly born.

The songs were almost all sung by Vera Lynn. Some of them were… “You’ll Never Know” (Vera Lynn, 1943), “When the Lights Go On Again” by Vera Lynn .

They were followed by Ms Lynn… who became Dame Vera Lynn… singing After The Rain, and We’ll Meet Again , and the incredible When I Grow too Old to Dream .  The list goes on and on and on.  You get the picture.

And then I found an interview with Dame Vera. Dame Vera Lynn on GMTV .  It was just simply amazing.  You Tube… in many, many ways… almost makes the past “live again.”

All songs celebrated “the troops”… with the fervent hope and intent that they would someday return.

It’s quite ironic… how the older I get, the more my Dad and his memory mean to me… and the more I realize just how much he went through… to finally come home to me and my Mom… as we waited in Cleveland.

Mom… It’s Mother’s Day, and I Miss You…

I am sitting here trying to think of something cute to write for a Mother’s Day post… and the imaginative juices are just not flowing.

All I can think of is how much I miss my Mom. Marian is my Mom, and she passed away in 1987.  I miss her.  Some of what I have been doing today is getting on You Tube and listening to some of the songs that she and my Dad listened to in the days around the time I was born… which would be in the early and mid 1940’s.

It was the Big Band Era… the times of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra (my Mom just loved him).  Here is one of Mom’s favorite Sinatra tunes… I’ll Never Smile Again with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.  You just cannot get more mellow than this.  I can close my eyes and pretty much see Mom ready to faint… she loved “Frankie” that much.

Mom was also a fan of Arthur Godfrey.  Here is one of the clips I watched of his… earlier today.  Arthur Godfrey Time TV 1948 TELEVISION .  I can remember watching “her boy” Arthur on daytime television… waaayyyy back when.

Glenn Miller was such a major talent.  Mom just loved dancing to his records… when she could talk my Dad into it. I can just imagine Mom and Dad jitterbugging to Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orch – In The Mood .  How I remember the smile on Mom’s face… just ear to ear.

My mom was part Irish… and just loved Bing Crosby… especially when that old “Crooner” belted out some of the old Irish songs.  Here is one of her favorites.  Bing Crosby: Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra (Thats An Irish Lullaby) .  I can actually see in my mind’s eye Mom listening to “der Bingle” as they used to call him.  Memories…

When I was born… in 1944 (I am 66 now)… my Dad was over in Italy fighting in WWII.  The Andrews Sisters were all over the radio at that time… and this song was popular then.  Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree .  To Mom and Dad… that song was very much to them what “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round that Old Oak Tree” was to those of a later generation or two.  How they must have missed each other.

My Dad was a big Peggy Lee fan… and I can remember my Mom listening to Peggy Lee singing this… one of his favorite songs… while he was over in Italy.  Peggy Lee: Fever! .  How they liked their music… especially my Mom.

Mom… if you’ve got a computer “up there”… here are some links you can click on to listen to the “old songs.” But, then again, if you are “up there”… which I am sure you are… you can probably ask Glenn, Tommy, Jimmy, Peggy and the Andrews Sisters to sing them for you in person.

Mom… I miss you.  I just wanted you to know that it’s Mother’s Day down here… and that I was thinking about you, and missing you terribly.

I Always Wanted an Older Sister…

All my life I’ve wanted an older sister.  I’ve never had one.  I’ve found that not having an older sister… would become a pretty big piece of emptiness in my life.

So… somewhere along the way… I decided that the only way I would ever have an older sister… was to become my own older sister.  So… nice Catholic girl that I am… I gave birth to myself… and have become… My own Older Sister.

I don’t know why I haven’t actually named her yet. I guess just being able to call her “Sis” was enough. Perhaps you have an older sister yourself, so you know how great it feels.  Or… perhaps you don’t have one, and wish you did.

I dunno.  But I have become quite fortunate.   As I said above… I now am… My own Older Sister.